Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Husband Is The One To Blame!

Lamanya x post something. Even aku pon lupe bile last time aku post entry. Dan kali ni, aku menulis pon sebab, husband aku terjumpe blog ni, dan dia ketawa+mocking me. Hampeh tol. And now, aku start menulis, he's the one to blame. Huh!

And, as a new housewife in town, definitely there's a lot of new thing that i should learn. It's normal , right? Hehe. For the time being, I try and learn how to make home-made chocolate, where I can produce at home and sells it to public.

But, this entry, I dont want to write about the chocolate. Not yet! Hehe. I just wanna share something with u guys, something that touch my heart and inspire me to write in here.

Today, my husband, came home at 12.30 pm and bring a jar of Choc Chip Cookies. What is it so special about the cookies, right? The special about the cookies is, it is made by the disable person. Yeah, in malay we call them, OKU. Here, some photos i would like to share. See, how special is it?

It was made by the APSN aka associates for person with special needs, based in Singapore. The price per jar is USG 15.00. So, let's enjoy a couple of next photos. Hee~



And, below is the APSN sticker.

See, we dont have to be perfect or normal to make money. As long as there is a will, u will gain what u want. Just saying. Hehe. Alright, no more ideas. I'm thinking of watching Wicked. Anyone interested?